Spare parts

Looking for a spare part?

Important note for using spare parts

All Festool tools should only be repaired by approved workshops for quality and safety reasons. We recommend that you request your repair directly with us.

Request a repair

It is legally prescribed for a "safety inspection in accordance with German Social Accident Insurance DGUV Regulations 3 and 4 and Guideline DIN VDE 0701/0702" to be carried out each time the housing is opened. This can only be done by a specially trained electrician.
In many cases, special tools are also needed to ensure proper repair. Please note that all guarantee and warranty claims shall be rendered void as soon as any unauthorised repair attempts are carried out.
We explicitly advise you not to carry out your own repairs.


Find and order spare parts

To find the right spare part for your tool, you will need the exact device type and the part number (TNR). This information is provided on the type plate affixed directly onto your device and on your warranty documents. You can order spare parts by calling our spare parts sales team on +35 (0) 31864 22 401. Parts are usually delivered one to two working days after the order is placed.2 

To the spare parts catalogue
  1. At local rate from a Irish land line
  2. The prices listed in our spare parts catalogue apply to Germany and the period specified in the price list. This price list replaces all previous price lists. Only the prices specified at the time of order placement are binding for the provider – errors excepted. All prices exclude statutory VAT and postage and packing costs.