Systainer³ connecting the workshop and construction site

With customised vehicle integration for easy and safe transport

Your day-to-day work requires you to be on your feet a lot – and to use your hands even more. What would it be like if a system existed that could make organising your everyday work significantly easier?

The new Systainer³ generation ensures that everything – at the workshop, during vehicle transport and on the construction site – is perfectly protected and in its proper place.

A system for any eventuality

The Systainer system – unfailingly compatible.

All Systainer generations can be combined with one another and can also be combined with mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories, such as the mobile workshop.

  • Systematic order – the Organizer

    Thanks to the transparent lid, you can find the right accessories at a glance. Organizers can also be combined with a number of other system accessories.

  • Variable separation

    Small parts can be sorted individually thanks to plastic containers in seven different sizes.
    Space for labelling makes it even easier to clearly organise items.

  • Roll board with high load capacity

    The roll board can be used to transport Systainers and other loads weighing up to 100 kg – with minimal exertion.
    The Systainer securing system prevents them from sliding or tipping during transport.

  • Sortainer

    The drawers can be divided to suit individual needs, making it easy to sort small parts.

  • SYS-Roll

    Systainers can be transported easily using the SYS roller – in workshops, on construction sites or for loading into vehicles.

  • Mobile workshop

    Systainers can be arranged individually in the mobile workshop and therefore easily transported. For ideal working conditions, even on construction sites, with stable working and storage areas.

  • Versatile and precise – the SYS MFT

    Workpieces of any size and shape can be securely attached to the MDF perforated top and machined with precision.

  • Systainer³ with vehicle integration

    Thanks to the special holders, Systainer³ units can be directly integrated into bott vehicle equipment. This allows the familiar arrangement and simple handling that you are used to from the Systainer system to be deployed in vehicles as well.

  • Live and on the go with the SYS-PowerHub

    The SYS-PowerHub can supply power to up to four power tools simultaneously. It is also ideal for transport using the roll board, SYS roller or mobile workshop.

Systainer³ – product overview

Festool will convert all products to Systainer³ in a gradual process.

Select product type
Optimally packed – the Systainer³ for simple, safe transport of machines and accessories.
Systainer³ M
The Systainer in standard format with proven base area
Systainer³ L
The Systainer with a broader base area for even more space
For a better view – the Organizer with plastic containers for sorting small parts.
Organizer M
The Organizer in standard format with proven base area
Organizer L
The Organizer with a broader base area for even more space
Systainer³ XXL
The large tool with extra large storage space

Simple. Safe. Mobile.


Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is the Systainer³ M the same size as the SYS T-LOC?

The Systainer³ M and SYS T-LOC have the same base area, but the heights are different.

Is the Systainer³ compatible with old pull-out drawers?

Yes, the Systainer³ is compatible with old pull-out drawers. It is compatible with all other accessories, too.

Why do some Systainer³ units have a front carrying handle while some only have a pull-out aid?

Both the front carrying handle and the pull-out aid make it easy to remove the Systainer³ from a shelf system. The front carrying handle additionally allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body – however, this only applies to the smaller Systainers with a greater depth than height. It is best to carry the taller Systainers using the lid handle, which is why these are fitted with a pull-out aid.

Is there a table with an overview of all new designations, sizes and heights?

Designation SYSTAINER T-LOC Systainer³ Difference
Old New Height with stand in mm
SYS 1 TL SYS3 M 112 112 112 -
- SYS3 M/L 137 - 137 New
SYS 2 TL SYS3 M/L 187 164,5 187 + 22,5
SYS 3 TL SYS3 M/L 237 217 237 + 20
SYS 4 TL SYS3 M 337 322 337 + 15
SYS 5 TL SYS3 M 437 427 437 + 10

Will my old Systainers still fit with the new ones?

Yes – all Systainers are compatible, even across generations. Classic Systainers can also be combined with Systainer³ products as normal.

Are Systainer³ products made in Germany?

Yes, the Systainers are produced in Germany.

When will each machine be available in the new Systainer?

The current conversion plan is as follows:

Available from January 2020: TS 55, ETS EC 150, ETS EC 125

Disponible à partir d'avril : C 18, T 18, OSC 18, PDC 18, DRC 18, RO 150, RO 125, RTSR, DTSR, ETSR

I purchased a machine that does not yet have the new Systainer. Can I exchange it?

Unfortunately, exchanges are not possible. We are a medium-sized company. From an organisational perspective, we are not in a position to convert our entire range of machines to the new Systainers in a single process. We also have no influence over what remaining stock is available on the market.

Why is my XY product in an old Systainer, not the new SYS3?

We are a medium-sized company. From an organisational perspective, we are not in a position to convert our entire range of machines to the new Systainers in a single process. We also have no influence over what remaining stock is available on the market.

How will I know whether I have purchased a machine in the old or new Systainer?

You can use the product number to identify whether a product is in an old or new Systainer. All machines with the new Systainer³ will receive new product numbers.