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SERVICE all-inclusive

What is SERVICE all-inclusive?
For our SERVICE all-inclusive package, we have developed services that are consistently based on the requirements of your everyday work. To benefit from the "36 months of free of charge repairs", "36 months theft protection", "10 year spare part availability" and "15 days money back guarantee", you must register your tool free of charge within the first 30 days of purchasing it.

How can I register for SERVICE all-inclusive?
You can easily register your tool online within the first 30 days of purchasing it by going to www.festool.ie or ask your dealer to register it for you.

Do I have to pay for SERVICE all-inclusive? 
No, SERVICE all-inclusive is included in the purchase price of your tool and is therefore free of charge for you. The only requirement: You must register your tool for SERVICE all-inclusive within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Will I receive confirmation after registering for SERVICE all-inclusive?
Yes, after registering you will receive a service certificate from us – either by e-mail (if you register the tool online yourself) or by post (if your dealer registers your device for you). Please keep this certificate in a safe place so that you can show it on request for any service cases.

Does SERVICE all-inclusive apply to all Festool products?
SERVICE all-inclusive applies to all Festool tools and other selected products. If there is a SERVICE all-inclusive card enclosed in the Systainer or box of your new product, you can register the device for SERVICE all-inclusive. You can also find out whether registration is possible by reading the product function descriptions on our website.

36 months of free of charge repairs

Which parts and faults are covered by this service?
Material and manufacturing faults, including replacement and wear parts (in particular carbon brushes, ball bearings, rubber sleeves, battery packs, battery pack chargers, sealing rings, fixed cables and switches) as well as the labour required. For an overview of all replacement and wear parts, see our Spare parts catalogue. All parts marked with "Yes" in the "Guarantee" column will be replaced free of charge. 

Will I be given a quotation for a repair?
Thanks to SERVICE all-inclusive, quotations and invoices for repairs are a thing of the past within the first 36 months of ownership. The only requirement: You must register your tool for SERVICE all-inclusive within the first 30 days of purchase. Upon expiry of the guarantee, you can request a quotation for any repair work.

Are there exceptions, to which the service does not apply?
Yes. These are exceptions that can be traced reliably – for example, if the tool is destroyed deliberately or used continuously in industrial applications. All exceptions are listed in our SERVICE all-inclusive terms and conditions.

What am I entitled to if I have not registered my tool for SERVICE all-inclusive?
As a commercial user, you are entitled to a 12-month statutory warranty, and as a private user you are entitled to a 24-month statutory warranty. This applies to material and manufacturing faults, which existed already at the time of delivery of our product. Please note that wear is excluded from the statutory warranty. Therefore, you should always register your tool for SERVICE all-inclusive. Registration is free of charge!   

36 months theft protection

My tool was stolen from the construction site/my car. Does the theft protection guarantee still apply?
Even if your device is stolen from a vehicle or construction site, within the first 36 months of purchase you will receive a brand new device for an excess fee of EUR 100 (incl. VAT).

What do I do if my tool has been stolen?
The most important thing is that you meet the applicable deadlines. You must report your tool as stolen to the police immediately after the theft. Then submit the police complaint notice and your service certificate to your dealer within 5 days. Once we have checked the case, we will send the new device to your dealer and you can collect it upon payment of an excess of EUR 100 (incl. VAT).

I've missed the 5-day deadline. Does the theft protection guarantee still apply?
Unfortunately not. We can only offer this service if you adhere to our deadlines. .

Is my replacement device covered fully by all SERVICE all-inclusive services?
SERVICE all-inclusive will be transferred to your replacement device for the remaining term of the agreement for the stolen tool. So if your tool was stolen after 2 years, for example, your replacement device will only be covered by SERVICE all-inclusive for the remaining year. In this case, we will register the device for you and send you a new service certificate. As each tool can only benefit from theft protection once, this service will not be provided for the replacement device.   

15 days money back guarantee

What do I have to take into consideration?
The only requirement is that you register your tool for SERVICE all-inclusive immediately after buying it. You can then test it at your leisure and return it to your dealer within 15 days of purchase if you are not entirely satisfied. The purchase price will of course be reimbursed.

The SERVICE all-inclusive terms and conditions state that the tool may only be "slightly used". What does that mean?
We want you to be able to test our tools under real conditions. Therefore, you can put our tools through their paces in your everyday work and find out quickly if they meet your expectations. Please note that testing under constant hard-wearing use is not permitted.
It is important that you return the tool together with all of the items included.

10 year spare part availability

What happens if a spare part is no longer available within 10 years?
We guarantee that we will keep spare parts for your tool in stock for at least 10 years following the end of production. If we are unable to keep this promise, you will receive a new power tool as a replacement, free of charge.

Will spare parts no longer be available for my tool after the 10 year spare part availability expires?
For many tools, we keep spare parts in stock for significantly longer than 10 years after the end of production.

I need a spare part. What do I have to do?
You can find the right spare parts for your tools in our spare parts catalogue. Here, you can search for spare parts based on the device type and part number (TNR) and order them from us by telephone. Please note that our tools may only be repaired by approved workshops and that only genuine spare parts may be used for repairs. Only then is proper, safe operation guaranteed after the repair.

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