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NEW Order number 574843

Mobile dust extractor CTL MINI I 240V CLEANTEC


Set versions

430,00 RRP exc. VAT

528,90 RRP inc. VAT

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Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL MINI I
  • This machine

    Mobile dust extractor CTL MINI I 240V
    430,00 exc. VAT
    528,90 inc. VAT
    Items included

    Bluetooth® functionality for extractor, remote switch-on for cordless tools 1x 

    cable holder 1x 

    hose holder 1x 

    SELFCLEAN filter bag SC-FIS-CT MINI/MIDI-2 1x 

    smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT 1x 

    SYS-Dock with T-LOC function 1x 


    in carton

    Details of items included
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    Mobile dust extractor CTL MINI I 110V
    430,00 exc. VAT
    528,90 inc. VAT
    Items included

    Bluetooth® functionality for extractor, remote switch-on for cordless tools 1x 

    cable holder 1x 

    hose holder 1x 

    SELFCLEAN filter bag SC-FIS-CT MINI/MIDI-2 1x 

    smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT 1x 

    SYS-Dock with T-LOC function 1x 


    in carton

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Compact. Mobile. Sophisticated.

Low weight, compact dimensions and a host of innovative details – the new CTL MINI compact extractor impresses in all aspects. It has intuitive touch operation, a smooth suction hose and a level storage area for tools and consumables. Manual dedusting and being able to replace the main filter from the outside ensure long-lasting work that protects your health. Includes integrated Bluetooth® technology – the mobile dust extractor is automatically started by the Bluetooth® battery pack or by the remote control. Also has an internal hose holder, SYSTAINER T-LOC connection and practical cord holder for tidiness and speed. All this together conveniently ensures clean air during service and installation work.

  • Ideal for use on the go thanks to compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassis
  • Touch operation for intuitive control of the mobile dust extractor
  • Keep working until the filter bag is full thanks to manual dedusting
  • Internal hose holder for safe and clean transport of the smooth suction hose
  • Saves you a trip to the extractor – thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® technology, the mobile dust extractor is started automatically by Bluetooth® battery packs or remote control
  • Level storage area – ideal for storing tools and consumables
  • Simple replacement of the main filter from the outside
  • Smooth suction hose with conical geometry for high suction power and seamless processes without catching
  • External cord holder with folding mechanism for winding up the cord with a simple turn
  • SYS-Dock with T-LOC for connecting SYSTAINERS in an instant
  • container/filter bag capacity 10/7,5 l
  • approval for dust class L
  • with manual filter and filter bag cleaning

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    With sophisticated details such as the touch-based operating concept, internal hose holder and cleverly designed cable winding concept. Bluetooth® technology included.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    Uninterrupted work thanks to main filter replacement from outside and manual filter cleaning for a clean working environment until the filter bag is completely full. The new conical suction hose with a smooth outer skin ensures increased suction power and problem-free procedures without catching.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Ideal for assembly thanks to compact dimensions, ergonomic design, robust chassis and level storage area. Can be coupled with all Festool SYSTAINERs via SYS-Dock.

Product details

  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology

    For automatically switching on the mobile dust extractor via remote control or the Bluetooth® battery pack. No retrofitting required.

  • Touch operation

    Innovative and intuitive touch control panel instead of rotary knobs – extremely simple to operate, even when wearing gloves or in a dirty environment. The extractor is set to automatic mode as soon as it is switched on.

  • Everything has its place

    The large internal hose holder makes it even easier to store the smooth suction hose and ensures safe and clean transport. Nothing protrudes.

  • Easy handling

    The compact, ergonomic design and low weight make the extractor particularly easy to transport.

  • Simply practical

    The level storage area above the hose holder can be used as a seat or storage area for consumables. SYSTAINERs, SORTAINERs and SYS-ToolBox can also be easily connected thanks to the T-LOC.

  • Filter replacement from outside

    Quick, easy and tool-free.

  • Manual cleaning

    Manual dedusting of the main filter and filter bag means the suction power can be restored once the filter or filter bag is inserted for a significant increase in filling capacity.

  • More tidiness

    Thanks to externally fitted cord holder with folding mechanism.

  • Smooth suction hose

    With conical geometry for improved suction power, smooth outer skin allow it to glide over all surfaces and edges perfectly.

  • For dusts in class L

    The extractor is approved for dusts in dust class L with limit values >1 mg/m³.

  • Full usage of space

    The sophisticated container geometry and space-saving flat filter ensure maximum utilisation of the 15 l container volume.

  • Transport-safe

    A brief actuation of the integrated locking brake means that the mobile dust extractor is secured against rolling away during work or transport.

  • Extremely versatile

    For dust, dirt and water. When extracting water, the LevelStop shuts down the mobile dust extractor in good time and the turbine remains protected. The wet filter can be set in place from the outside with just a few simple hand movements.

Main applications

  • For dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³
  • On-site extraction for electric power tools for minor or brief sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work
  • Ideal for mobile use in service and installation work and for final cleaning
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction (special wet filter required for wet extraction)

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

  • Smooth sleeve hose

    With a smooth exterior which allows it to slide over surfaces perfectly

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

  • Bluetooth®

    Bluetooth® communication between battery pack and extractor.

Technical data

Max. volume flow
3700.00 l/min
Max. vacuum
24000.00 Pa
Filter surface area
3369.00 cm²
Rubber-insulated mains cable
7.50 m
Container/filter bag capacity
10/7.5 l
Dimensions (L x W x H)
470 x 320 x 455 mm
Max. appliance socket connected load
1610.00 W
11.00 kg
Power consumption
350 – 1 200 W

Noise and vibration values

Dust extraction: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB
Dust extraction: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
70.00 dB(A)

Items included CTL MINI I 240V


Mobile dust extractor

in carton

Brochures and operating instructions


  • Rotating adapter D 32/27 DAG-AS/CT

    for D 27/32 antistatic suction hose

    Order number: 500672

  • Connecting sleeve D 27 DM-AS/CT

    for suction hose D 27

    Order number: 202346

  • Rotating angle adapter D 32/27 DAG/90°-AS/CT

    for antistatic suction hose D 32/27 on CTL MINI and CTL MIDI

    Order number: 500673

  • Rotating angle adapter D 27 DAG90-AS/CT

    for D 22 and D 27 antistatic suction hoses on CTL MINI and CTL MIDI up to BJ 08/2013 and CTL SYS

    Order number: 202505

  • Longlife filter bag Longlife-FIS-CTL MINI

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI manufactured until 2018

    Order number: 499703

  • Universal brush nozzle D 36 UBD

    for D 27/D 36

    Order number: 498527

  • Crevice nozzle D 36 FD-210

    for D 27/D 36

    Order number: 492391

  • Cleaning set D 27 / D 36 D-RS

    Order number: 492392

  • Cleaning set for industrial use D 50 GS-RS

    Order number: 454770

  • Floor nozzle D 36 BD 370

    for D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452908

  • Suction brush D 36 SP

    for D 27/D 36

    Order number: 440404

  • Crevice nozzle D 36 FD-300

    for D 27/D 36

    Order number: 452904

  • SELFCLEAN filter bag SC-FIS-CT MINI/MIDI-2/5

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards

    Order number: 204308

  • Longlife filter bag LL-FIS-CT MINI/MIDI-2

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards

    Order number: 204309

  • Main filter HF-CT MINI/MIDI-2

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards

    Order number: 204200

  • Wet filter NF-CT MINI/MIDI-2

    for CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards

    Order number: 204202

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