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    Renovation. Focus: Dustfree

    A large volume of fine dust arises when sanding wood or mineral materials, which can pose a serious health risk. Many studies show that this can lead to permanent problems for the respiratory tracts. Therefore, in the interest of their own health and in compliance with legal regulations, painters and paint shops should ensure the air in their working environment is clean and work with certified and approved mobile dust extractors.
  • Renovation. Focus: Bathroom renovation

    The demand in the area of renovation is constantly increasing and the trade sector is therefore becoming more and more important. For some years now the premium manufacturer of power tools, Festool, has been offering tailored product solutions especially for this area, which the German company manufactures together with the professional trades. The result is optimal system solutions for the demanding and challenging application of renovation and modernisation.

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  • Vorher und nachher: Eine Fassadenrenovierung mit Festool Geräten.

    Renovation. Focus: Drywalling

    Drywalling is used in almost all types of renovation work, when moving walls or for new designs. The main reasons are that drywalling can be carried out in a very flexible and timely manner. The newly designed spaces can be used very soon afterwards without long drying times. Whether it is creating substructures, cladding walls or the final sanding process. Festool supports the tradesperson in every phase of a drywalling project. 
  • Renovation. Focus: Facade

    High requirements are placed on the façade of a building. The façade should be resistant to wind and weather conditions, lend the building a prestigious appearance and optimally protect the internal area against extreme external temperatures. Reconstruction of a façade therefore plays a special role in upgrading the energy performance of buildings
    Vorher und nachher: Eine Fassadenrenovierung mit Festool Geräten.
  • Vorher und nachher: Ein Bodenaufbau mit Festool Geräten.

    Renovation. Focus: Floor renovation

    A floor must be able to endure a few things over the years. It is therefore not surprising that it is regularly maintained and also has to be replaced at longer intervals. Festool offers a wide range of machines for the entire renovation, which have proven themselves as robust partners on numerous construction sites.